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    Unity Signing Announcement

      UNIVERSAL MUSIC CLASSICS WITH PARTNERS UNIVERSAL MUSIC LATIN ENTERTAINMENT, SIGN TONY SUCCAR PROJECT,  UNITY: THE LATIN TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON First-ever Latin Tribute Album To The King of Pop Set For Spring 2015 Release (New York, NY) – November 25, 2014 (New York, NY) – Universal Music Classics, with their label partners Universal Music Latin Entertainment, announce an exciting joint project, Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. The recording is the first-ever Latin tribute album to icon Michael … Read More

    And Finally…the UNITY Update! (Episode 1)

    Wow! It’s been over four years now since I began working on this deep passion project. I can’t express just how happy I am that this dream is now finally becoming a reality. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into when I launched the Kickstarter campaign back in May 2011. I never imagined that this project would require so much work and sacrifice, and at times doubted that the project would get to where it is … Read More

    DE ONE Live Sessions Vol. 1 Released!

    De One Live Sessions Vol. 1 is a project we (Mixtura) put together in a very short period of time… and that’s the beauty of it; that’s why it’s called De One It’s always awesome to jam and play fun music with great, talented musicians. That’s what this project is really about… organic music, Latin Jazz, in the moment; not planned out, and just “puro sabor” from the heart. We’ll definitely be releasing more of these (Vol. 1, 2, 3, … Read More

    Tony Succar: Entrevista Al Diario El Comercio

    My friends, this past March 21th y had the pleasure of giving an interview to one of Peru´s leading newspapers, El Comercio, disclosing all about the project: Unity Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. “Two years after my graduation, I began assembling my own tropical band. I was hired for a Halloween party and was asked to play “Thriller”. I made a tropical arrangement and it came out awesome. “Pop music has its origins in the jazz, the soul,  the funk. … Read More


    It has been an absolutely amazing week. We knew this release would be hot…But we had no idea the amount of approval, praise, and fame this project would receive from both the fans and the general public. We are thankful for everyone who’s taken the time to listen, post, and share the album… we are forever grateful… and appreciative for your support. Sharing our love for the “King of Pop” with the world and continuing the mission of Unity he … Read More

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