September 07, 2018

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Una “Samba con Salsita”!

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 Hola, mi gente!

I am SO excited for this new release! Una “Samba con Salsita” para gozar!

We proudly present to you:


Ft. Tuti Rodriguez, Marcelo Amaro & Nelson Arrieta

I’ve always had a strong passion for Brazilian Music, specifically SAMBA! The driving percussion, beautiful melodies, and rich harmonies, it’s definitely one of my favorite styles of music.

I collaborated with a dear friend and one of the most incredible percussionists from Porto Alegre, Brazil, Cristiano “Tuti” Rodriguez on this production. We also had the pleasure of having special guests Marcelo Amaro (Brazil) and Nelson Arrieta (Venezuela) on Lead Vocals. Portuguese and Spanish, Samba y Salsa, this was just too much fun!

We started working on this song during the World Cup! It was perfect timing because of the insane soccer fever we all had LOL. I truly feel that music and soccer are very alike in the sense that it brings people, countries and cultures together… and this why I’m so passionate about both! It’s what UNITY is all about 🙂

With much love!


To listen or download the track, click HERE.

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