August 28, 2013

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De One Live Sessions Vol. 1 is a project we (Mixtura) put together in a very short period of time… and that’s the beauty of it; that’s why it’s called De One:)
It’s always awesome to jam and play fun music with great, talented musicians. That’s what this project is really about… organic music, Latin Jazz, in the moment; not planned out, and just “puro sabor” from the heart.

We’ll definitely be releasing more of these (Vol. 1, 2, 3, etc…) so be on the look out!

Please visit to get the EP Album (CD/DVD)! Pay what you want for it. You can go ahead and download it for free if you’d like.

Mixtura Band:
Mauricio Quiros – Piano
Yorgis Goiricelaya – Bass
Jesus Mato – Trumpet
Hery Paz – Sax/Flute
Jorge Dobal Jr. – Trombone
Michael Lozana – Congas
Diego Camacho – Bongos
Jose “Majito” Aguilero – Conga/Perc
Alexandra Alban – Djembe
Oscar Dudamel – Baritone Sax
Tony Succar – Timbales


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