I know I’ve been a little “quiet” starting off the year, I’ve been working very diligently our new album (set to release soon!), however, I wanted to announce that I’m extremely excited that we just dropped a new single!

QUIMBARA! This song is extremely special because it’s the song that jump-started my moms career. If you didn’t see the special episode in “La Voz Senior” when my mom surprised me on live TV, I invite you to check it out here.

Well, we decided to produce a new version with a smoking fresh arrangement. We didn’t want to simply just make a cover of this song, it needed to have something original, something unique! This is Celia Cruz we’re talking about!

Please enjoy this Afro Cuban / Afro Peruvian fusion, with guaguancó and the Peruvian landó!

You can watch the music video here:

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Stream Pa’ lante un pie HERE