Limited Edition Musical Cajón for MIMY & TONY Album

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Introducing the Limited Edition Musical Cajón (Special Packaging) for the MIMY & TONY Album. We are thrilled to present this exclusive product, now available for order.

Handcrafted in the artistic city of Lima, Peru, each Cajón is meticulously created with utmost care and attention to detail.

Please note that due to the high demand and meticulous craftsmanship, shipping may take approximately 6 weeks. However, for your convenience, we offer the option to pick up your order locally in Miami, FL (USA) or Lima, Peru.

This extraordinary package features a limited quantity of Cajones, each bearing a unique serial number, ensuring the exclusivity of this special edition. Here’s what you will find inside:

1. Limited Edition M&T Cajón Package
– Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the MIMY & TONY Album with this specially designed Cajón.

2. The CD (Booklet and Album)
– Indulge in the captivating music and heartfelt lyrics captured on this beautifully curated CD.

3. Special Edition Foldable Booklet
– Unfold a world of musical inspiration and insight with this unique booklet, featuring behind-the-scenes stories and artist contributions.

4. Musical Box with Sukiyaki Theme
– Delight your senses with a charming musical box, playing the iconic Sukiyaki theme, evoking a sense of nostalgia and joy.

5. Extra Sheet Music for Creating Your Own Melody
– Unleash your creativity and compose your own harmonies using the additional sheet music provided, tailored for use with your music player.

6. Pisco Jar (with Pisco de la Nación)
– Experience a taste of Peru with our exclusive Pisco jar, containing the exquisite Pisco de la Nación, a renowned grape distillate from our country’s southern region.

7. Origami
– Discover the elegance of Japanese art with an exquisite piece of origami, symbolizing wishes of health, prosperity, and happiness.

Please note that this Limited Edition Musical Cajón is available only while supplies last, ensuring its exclusivity and collectible value.

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– Damian Ode Jamis [Art Director]
– Yelang Su Wing Calle [Illustrator]
– Pedro Rodriguez [Cajón Maker]
– Andrea Gamboa Jamis [Lettering Design]
– Manuel Torres [Production]
– Tony Succar [Production]
– Jesuel Mantilla [Production]

Elevate your musical journey with the Limited Edition Musical Cajón for the MIMY & TONY Album. Order now and embark on a truly enchanting experience.


It is truly exciting to see a mother and son coming together for a project. Usually, mothers give us wings to fly, but very few put on wings with you to fly together on such a beautiful journey like this.

A few months ago, I received an audio message from Tony saying, “Brother, brother, how are you? I have you in my mind. I’m finishing the new album in collaboration with my mom. I would like to release it as a special edition in a box. Am I still on time to do it? Let me know so we can play it.”

Instantly, my mind started to devise something, and I told him. I won’t repeat the lovely thing he said because it cannot be translated. And that’s how this madness called “PENSEMOS NOMBRES” (Let’s Think of Names) began.

This packaging contains more than just products. Within it, you will find the love between two individuals and the love for music that Mimy instilled in Tony since he was a child. But you will also feel the love for the cultures from which they both descend: Peru and Japan. The main box is none other than the “Peruvian Cajón,” a percussion instrument that accompanies most of Peru’s rhythms. When you open it like a book, you will encounter the album, which is the most important part of the project. That’s why you can see a heart carved on recycled planks found at the end of a huaico. These woods are carved by the skillful hands of vulnerable women in our country. Below, in a kind of jar, you will find the ancient Botija, a clay vessel coated with tar that holds our Pisco La Nación, a renowned grape distillate from the southern region of our country. You will also find the origami paper crane, an ancient Japanese art that is given as a wish for health, fortune, and happiness. It is also given with love when a baby is born, which precisely symbolizes this album, Mimy’s first musical baby. To complete this experience, we present you with a musical box, a gift that Tony gave to his mother when he was a child. It comes with a sheet music of the song “Sukiyaki,” a track that Tony replicated in one of the tracks of this emotional album, where he is joined by Nora Suzuki from the Orquesta de la Luz, singing a duet with Mimy Succar.

Damian Ode Jamis – Art Director

Huaico: A massive mass of rocks that torrential rains detach from the heights of the Andes and, when they fall into the rivers, cause the overflowing of the waters, taking away everything in their path: houses, stables, animals, and even people.

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Additional information

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