The ‘Día de la Canción Criolla’ is a very special date on the Peruvian music calendar. In homage, Mimy and Tony Succar are releasing the music video for ‘Un Disco Viejo,’ a waltz with “Criollo” touches that is one of the most emotional tracks on the album ‘Mimy & Tony.’

This song was born as an idea from maestro Jorge Luis Piloto, considered one of the best composers in Miami and a Latin Grammy winner. It appeared during the recording process of Mimy’s debut album, and initially, the song was a tango, but Tony took it into his own realm and ended up incorporating some waltz and tondero, rhythms in which he has achieved great success.

“The lyrics of the song tell a real story from ancient times,” Mimy explains. “For example, my grandparents on both sides, originally from Japan, couldn’t choose their partners. So, the lyrics say that: she or he, it could be anyone, has beautiful memories of an impossible love because society didn’t accept it. They separate, but she always thought of him, and then she sees him, and she would have wanted to have a relationship. That’s why I like this song; it’s very special to perform. It brings back many memories. It’s beautiful.”

Tony, on the other hand, assures that from the moment he heard the song, he knew that his mother’s voice would be ideal for interpreting it. “It was something that surprised me, like the entire album. It has been surprising me more and more because she is very passionate; she got the hang of recording and has a very powerful voice. So, I am very happy that she connected so much with the song,” adds the two-time Latin Grammy winner.

Regarding the song, Tony states, “It was written by Jorge Luis Piloto and Ender Thomas, who is also a composer. Then, I called Tito Manrique because it was going to be a waltz. I also invited another friend, Milton Sesentón, a string arranger I’ve worked with because I wanted to make it more symphonic and orchestrated. It turned out spectacular. It was recorded at ‘Criteria Studios,’ where even Michael Jackson has recorded. We gave ourselves the luxury of recording in such an emblematic and important place. It’s worth noting that the orchestral part is not so common in a waltz. I like to develop the string arrangements because I feel it suits the genre, so that’s a fusion, it’s a bit more American, where you can appreciate a large ensemble of strings that I really like,” expresses Tony.

From a technical perspective, this impeccable music video was filmed at the Municipal Theater of Lima, alongside musicians from the Chancay Symphony Orchestra. It was directed by Tony Succar himself and Coco Bravo, with a special appearance by his father, Antonio. “I have to admit that something like what the lyrics of this song say happened to me. My parents, of Japanese origin, didn’t want me to marry Antonio because he is Peruvian. But I’m very rebellious; I knew he was a good person. Now my parents are very happy. Out of my three siblings, I’m the one who keeps the family together. The audience identifies with us. They like to see our family,” says Mimy.

‘Un Disco Viejo’ is a song included in Mimy’s debut album, ‘Mimy & Tony.’ It features 11 songs where the national singer not only demonstrates the versatility of her voice but also pours her heart into each song. Additionally, it includes collaborations with important and respected musicians such as La India, José Alberto ‘El Canario,’ Nora Suzuki, and others.

Watch the official music video for ‘Un Disco Viejo’:

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