We had just the most tremendous show in France at Tempo Latino! All our love to the people of the beautiful city of Vic-Fezensac who gave us a fabulous warm welcome. It was such an honor to just be at the same event where the greats have performed over the years: Israel Lopez “Cachao”, Celia Cruz, Willie Colon and many more. It gave me chills just thinking about it!

We knew we had to rock the house like never before because, let me tell you, they are hardcore salsa fans at Tempo Latino, but that just motivated us to really turn up the “sabor”. And the show turned out to be one of the best times we’ve ever had on stage. Every one of us in Unity put our heart and soul into the performance, and the audience responded with such love and acceptance. It was incredible! From my “cajon” solo to the public’s shouts of “otra, otra,” this will go down as one of Unity’s all time greatest shows!

A great big thank you to everyone at Tempo Latino and to our amazing French fans. I promise we’ll be back proudly representing MJ’s music as always. Lots of love!