August 19, 2017

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I traveled to Peru again, this time for a super special occasion: Family celebration!


What an amazing week in Peru on the occasion of my grandparents diamond wedding anniversary! Oyichan and Obachan (grandfather and grandmother in Japanese) have been married for 60 years, which is incredible, and so of course we had to celebrate with a tremendous party. Lots of music and lots of love all around but especially from my Fan Club. Thank you guys so much, you’re the best!

The anniversary party was just the beginning of a crazy week, one unforgettable experience was visiting “Las caras de Atahualpa” in Callao, where people know the true meaning of “salsa & sabor”.  Between countless interviews, I had the opportunity to try some amazing food, including the amazing peruvian ceviche, I guess that’s why my pants are smaller now lol!

I want to thank everyone for their support and for making our stay the absolute best time, and I am so excited just thinking about the next visit which hopefully will include Unity and the chance to share Michael’s outstanding music. I can’t wait!


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